We have a Trail-Cruiser 27rks. This is a great trailer and we use it 2 - 3 times a month when we are doing craft fairs. But as with all things nothing is perfect. I have been making modifications basically since we purchased it. So Far I ahve done the following.

Added a 1000w inverter and upgraded battery cables
Installed a fantastic vent (thanks Dad)
Changed out the 25gal fresh water tank with a 46gal one
Setup a home theater system running MediaPortal with 24" LCD
Installed additional heating vent
Replaced Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

But this has been the biggest modification so far. First of all great thanks to Pete Olsen for his elding expertise.

Inthis mod we removed the rear bumper extended the frame rails 22" and then reinstalled the bumper.
Then we installed supports and a deck between the frame rails and built a cage to stack the our 2 Honda generators so they can remain locked up on the back deck.

Here are a few pictures taken after all the welding was done.

Here are some pictures of the deck after I finished priming and painting it.

After the paint was dried I mounted an aluminium cargo box on the deck and installed additional tail lights on the bumper.
The deck and what is mounted on it do not obscure the existing tail lights but better safe than sorry.

The pictures below show the finshed product with the generators locked into thier cage.

Once again my thanks goes out to Pete for all the work he did on this.