These Pictures were taken after the walls were finished but before the ceiling was done.

This is my desk and you can see TV #1 a 29". You can also see the start of my bookshelves. Notice the two rows stacked on top of them.

You can see the rest of the bookcases along that wall. There is 15 of bookcases there. Elsewhere in the basement there is another 12'

Here you can see the stairs I just rebuilt. Much nicer than the old ones.

This is my computer workbench. It is 10' long and right next to the server rack. There is TV #2. There is a third one in another corner of the basement.

This is the server and CD burner rack. There are 5 servers and 3 CD burner machines. It is a heavy duty shelving unit from Home Depot on a home built cart with 3" casters.

This is my network rack. It is a Hubble 48" swing out rack with  4 patch panels 6 3Com switches and 1 D-Link Hub. You can also see my cable modem Cable router and Wi-Fi access point. I also run the phones through these patch panels.