These are some of my favorite sites listed in no particular order

Woodworking and Tools

The Best Damned Woodworking Site on the NET

The Superior Works: Patrick's Blood and Gore

One of the defininative sites about Stanley Handplanes

A site for dating Stanley Planes


The makers of Beyond TV and Beyond Media. The best HTPC software you can buy. - The Complete Buffy Episode Guide

This was a great show when it was on and this site is still the definative place for eposide information

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

This is the ultimate information source for one of the best show ever on the air. It was my all time favorite show. It's like was never seen before and may never be seen again. If you have never watched the show go out and rent the video you will not be dissapointed



A good place to find deals. Check it every day


Compiles all of the circulars for the stores in your area. Organizes the results into catagories and sorts by price.

They have one item on sale each day but that one item is always at a killer price.


The best place in CT for used books. I visit it at least twice a week


The best book, video and music database money can buy don't visit the book barn without it

Ledyard Public Library

You can never read enough books