Just Some Pictures of Stuff of Interest

My Finished Basement

I have been working on finishing the basement since we moved into the house. I have recently finished the new lighting and the ceiling. Click on the first picture to see the basement before the lighting and the ceiling and click on the second to see it after I finished. The only thing left now is torefinish the floor.

My Cats

Theese are the three feline terrors of my life (Just Kidding) click on the pictures above to see some more pictures of them.

Patti's Lawn Tractor

This is Patti's Lawn Tractor. I think this is her favorite thing to drive. She likes it more than her car. This is the only picture so far but I am hoping to get some action photos. Patti will probably shoot me if I do though.

My Truck

This is my truck. I got a great deal on it The truck was 2 years old and had just under 6k miles on it.